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STALKER Announcement

Postby pirate » 2018/03/22 16:16

Alright, time to do this. We've been planning to do a STALKER RP since, like, 2014, and decided it was finally time to actually, you know, do it, so here's the rub.

The launch of Small Kingston is upon us. Small Kingston is a CombineControl edit. We have removed stats, rebuilt character creation, added proper suit/artifact equipping, real detectors (all three working 100%), stockpiles, overhauled the GUI, and a number of other features to benefit STALKER roleplay. We aren't really satisfied with the CC edit overall but it will hold us over until Big Kingston.

This coming Thursday or Saturday I will open the server completely. Until then we'll be doing some minor stuff to help GMs and select players (aka anyone who figures out the password) settle in to their characters.

In a few months we will be switching to Big Kingston. Big Kingston is the internal name for our unique script - built from the ground up for Kingston's STALKER roleplay. It has features that will blow your mind. That script already runs but it's not ready to roleplay on. But it's amazing. Trust me. Or don't.

Join the discord:
Make sure you're subscribed to the content: viewtopic.php?f=35&t=88
If you want to transfer an old character or start with fancy gear go here: viewtopic.php?f=35&t=89

Invite your friends, use the forums. There's a few threads yet to be made but we'll get to it.

This is gonna be cool I think.
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