Half-Life 2: Launch Announcement

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Half-Life 2: Launch Announcement

Postby pirate » 2018/01/17 17:47

Kingston has always been an innovator (for better or worse). Over the years we've experimented with a variety of settings - some new, some old - always bringing our own twist and style to them. In between periods of activity, we work hard to come up with the next big adventure, and rest assured, it's coming.

This is not it.

For now, we'd like to offer you our fresh approach to the classic, city-based Half-Life 2 roleplay. For the past week or so, we've been slaving away, setting up a unique Half-Life 2 roleplay to serve as an intermediary to our Next Big Project™ which is Coming Soon™.

This project will serve as a guinea pig for what's coming next. For us, the endeavor is a matter of killing a whole lot of birds with one stone: in the long term, it will allow us to hone our skills, test new ideas, and redevelop our identity as a community so that we're truly ready for the next stage. In the short term, it will let us provide to you the enthralling roleplay experience we have been chasing for a long time, to satisfy our itch to create unique and memorable stories.

Why HL2RP? That's stale.
It is - or at least it has been. We have some ideas about why that might be. Most HL2RPs follow the same old routine: hours of boredom interspersed with the odd mass-action scene, driven mostly by the never-ending hunt for the next meaningful moment. Our take on the setting is early - six years after the 7 Hour War - and emphasizes strategy, subterfuge and espionage on both sides of the line, with plenty to do for characters stuck in the middle. Open armed conflict will be scarce - and consequentially, hectic and truly dangerous when it happens. Our personalized, small-scale, guided-but-dynamic approach to events means every character matters when it comes to pushing the server's overall plot forward, and believe me, we have a hell of an arc laid out.

Half-Life 2 is an interesting, but criminally underexploited setting. It's been the baseline roleplay setting in Garry's Mod for eleven years and yet there's still so much that's never been touched. There is so much more to do than the walk-around-be-sad-shoot-cops routine - our mission being what it is, it seemed like the perfect setting to crack open and dive deep into.

The bulk of the development process for the HL2RP is behind us. We have decided to unmask the server today to allow you to prepare your character and contribute to what remains of the planning process if you like.

We’re going to try to do some small IC scenes before launch if we can set times that work for everyone, so stay tuned in the Discord if you’d like to be part of that.

We can do something new with old ideas - let us prove it. All you need to do is come along for the ride.

Our first story event, planned for launch day, concerns certain dramatic changes that the city faces in the sixth year of occupation as the Universal Union sinks its teeth in. I won’t say more than that - you really must watch it unfold.

For more details on our approach, check out the following threads:

Launch primer
Setting Q&A
Conduct Guidelines
CCA Standard Operating Procedures
Why you can see the admin boards

If you’re interested in playing a unit, make sure you post an application! Most ranks are currently available.
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