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Postby Pilotfish » 2018/03/21 23:34

A new cool version of Occult is being developed but won't be ready for launch day, so we have to pick something to mostly stick with until then.

The main contenders seem to be:

The Good:
It's got a lot of variety which is great for events, and it's a large generally flexible map.

The Bad:
The version we'd be using has a chokepoint between the two halves of the map, and the lighting requires a little tweaking in-game.

The Good:
Nice variety of locations including a non-linear underground bunker system.

The Bad:
Includes not one but two sets of choke points which separate out the different areas of the map.

The Good:
No chokepoints, good variety of locations, and extremely non-linear.

The Bad:
Everyone is sick to fucking death of it.

Let me know if I've missed any out.
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