Canon Faction Representation

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Canon Faction Representation

Postby Nuolenkärkiä » 2018/03/09 01:10

After some heated debate, I think we've come to a conclusion about how we intend for factions including Duty, Freedom, Bandits, UKM, Mercenaries, and quite possibly Ecologists to behave on server. Nothing below will effect or relate to how a playerbased group will be expected to behave or be represented, this applies only to canon factions.

The usual technique of representing canon factions on Stalker Roleplay servers is to have them base up in a respective building on the map that either suits the aesthetic or strategic goals of the faction, (ex., a large warehouse near the Loner town for Duty, an underpass for Bandits, a quaint roadside motel for Freedom). We don't intend of representing factions in this way on Kingston.

Factions will form and enter the area represented on-server in squads and establish temporary outposts, hold strategic positions, smalltalk with Loners, give tasks, and generally do whatever is in their best interest to do. There will not be designated buildings that are THE DUTY BASE or THE FREEDOM BASE consistently as we're going to take a more fluid and Loner-focused approach to things. While Freedom and Duty are still very much at odds with each other, you won't see them clashing on a daily basis and their main bases of operation will not be represented as locations on the map that you can visit. You should not be seeing faction leads regularly making in-person appearances on the server for the same reason you wouldn't see Colonel Petrenko from Shadow of Chernobyl hanging around the Cordon.

The purpose of this is to shift focus from the factions and their relation to each other towards the grand narrative of the server and the personal narratives between characters. The server's a vehicle for all of us to explore the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. setting with factions serving as narrative tools to help us do that, not the other way around.

In short:

Factions will not operate out of fixed locations on the map.
Factions will be run by the admin team as a whole and most-likely will not follow a strict command structure.
Factions will primarily be used as plot devices rather than center-stage player factions.
If you want to play a character who is currently a member of a canon faction, stay tuned for more details.
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Re: Canon Faction Representation

Postby pirate » 2018/03/09 20:38

pirate - Today at 2:25 PM
the idea of the faction as an institution
the organization itself
is managed heavily by admins
to provide rp
the characters within get more freedom than the faction itself

Owain6521 - Today at 2:25 PM
so we're opening it up to players
but it's admin-run
pirate - Today at 2:25 PM
more or less

pirate - Today at 2:25 PM
it has a player at the helm but 'orders from the top' are decided by admins
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