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Re: quotes thread

Postby pirate » 2018/04/03 19:55

[OOC] Merchant: i look at the makarov pb for 0.8 rubles
[OOC] Merchant: i slowly hover over "buy"......
[OOC] Volodya Huckster: what
[OOC] Merchant: ya LOL
[OOC] Volodya Huckster: ahaahahahah
[OOC] Volodya Huckster: SWEP.ItemWeight = 55000
[OOC] Volodya Huckster: SWEP.ItemBulkPrice= 0.8
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Re: quotes thread

Postby ron » 2018/04/12 23:01

** Joker takes a long draught from his beer.
Joker: Ah, that's the shit. What beer is this, even?
** Joker raises the bottle to look at the label, if there even is one.
Joker: Huh.
Joker: "Benny Worm?"
Joker: Never heard of that brand.
Joker: Oh well.
** Joker takes another swig.
Joker: Holy smokes, this is good.
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