On Dying, Death, & Being Dead

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On Dying, Death, & Being Dead

Postby pirate » 2018/03/29 15:50

Death is a major theme in STALKER. It surrounds the Zone's occupants, permeating every facet of life there.

Naturally, we are attempting to accurately portray the STALKER setting by embracing its themes. Death is one we cannot skimp on. As roleplayers, we must learn to accept and incorporate death with our characters' stories. Death must therefore have value to characters who witness it and a sense of permanence when it strikes in order to maximize its value.

Kingston is not a place that is very concerned with hard, complex rulesets and that attitude exists in our approach to handling death as well. In general we believe that most deaths which occur should be permanent - because if characters are killing each other there will generally be a reason behind it. This gives value and meaning to death when it occurs rather than it simply being a mechanism by which one can temporarily be rid of an annoying character. A character's death in the field becomes appropriately horrifying when that last strained gurgle is true finality. A murder is given the appropriate weight; the pain of failure to save one's friend truly sets in when that character is not simply waved off upon death and forgotten about.

The "rule," therefore, inasmuch as it is a rule, is that targeted deliberate killings are, by default, perma-death with the option to appeal. Genuinely random deaths carry less weight - if a stalker snaps and goes HATRED on the bar, his hapless unaffiliated victims will not be pointlessly subject to permanent character death.

Anomalies and mutants do not typically represent permadeath obstacles unless a character behaves in a spectacularly stupid (negligent) manner IC. Common sense applies.

Exceptions may be granted in the field with administrator discretion if the reasons for a killing are blatantly void of meaning.

Please understand that characters rise and fall. Death is not the end of a character's influence. Unjust death brings vengeance. It is the stuff of open war and curtained scheming. Miraculous survival is not always the best for roleplay.

Note: a character's death will never be forced due to OOC factors.

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