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Re: Character Applications

Postby Elmao » 2018/05/16 20:33

This is an application for making a member of the Duty, just to clarify.

Steam profile:
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:200194141

Character name/alias: “Gus”
Character gender: Male
Character nationality: U.S.A / American
Character age: 35

Desired starting equipment: Possibly: Spas-12 shotgun (just about any heavy gun) Tokarev, (Any Duty uniform, preferably heavy equipment, strong and slow), medkits, radio, and basic Duty equipment.
Desired starting ruble amount: Default.

Briefly identify significant traits*: An American male, 235 LBS. Dark brown hair, short and messy, with a matching goatee. Overweight. Cheerful person, often resorts to humor. No family.

Summary of character history**:Born in Los Angeles California, and raised there. He soon moved to Carolina, getting a job as a counselor at a camp known as “Camp Highlander”. He soon became the woodworking activity counselor, and succeeded. He taught children how to work with wood, and create mechanical structures only using wood. He heard of The Zone, and riches beyond the border, “Magical Artifacts”, and he soon paid the rest of the money he had to get into the Zone, maybe make himself some money. He found himself in a hellhole of despair, and soon wished to get out, but couldn’t. Hoping he could try and do something right, he joined the Duty. He became a heavy gunner within the Duty, using heavy weapons like shotguns such as Spas-12 due to his strength and weight preventing the kickback from effecting him too much.

I made this in like 10 minutes, I got bored and I wanted a Duty character because I thought it would be really fun to RP as one, but I was hoping to expand on the character as I go. No judge pls.

Mack: I want a more substantive application before I approve this. Please change the gun to a Chaser and make the ethnicity more appropriate to the setting.
CptMarkka: To the point, nothing extravagant asked for.
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Re: Character Applications

Postby howard » 2018/05/31 07:19

Steam profile:
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:24508468

Character name/alias: 'Taiga'
Character gender: Male
Character nationality: Russian.
Character age: 33.

Desired starting equipment:
-Suit; Trenchcoat.
-Gun; B.A.R.
-Stalker miscellania.
-Handax. Or hammer.

Desired starting ruble amount: Nil.

Briefly identify significant traits*:

-Clear Sky era Stalker.
-Big guy.

Summary of character history**:

A military survivalist having come to the Zone in search of extreme challenges, it was merely the last destination in a Bucket list of exotic places to visit. Armed with his wits and desire to survive, he's quietly watched the tides of conflict and acts of legend that've occurred over the years.

A series of unfortunate events, albeit lucky outcomes blessed Taiga during his wee starting months, forming the basis for his knowledge of the Zone. It began to snowball, however, as he garnered a small reputation for being a bit of an isolationist, opting for the solitude of the wilds in lieu of anything else. Nobody was quite sure where he went to, but he always had some simple tale to tell.

Eventually, his hand went to Guidework as the path North opened up as a result of the Scorcher's dismantlement. Red Forest became his favored romping ground, opting to lurk about and bring more of the Zone's dwellers up to the unexplored regions of the place, letting them settle down and for roots to extend. The basis for the simple trade routes that he'd use to sustain himself during his later years. Every now and then, he'd have a request to take point in some squads to weave through anomalous walkways or scrounge up reconnaissance on the latest mutant movements to ensure safe passage.

By this time, his taste for blood had long been quelled. He sought not to harm anyone, or to be harmed himself. Mutants were poached out of necessity more than for their valuable parts. The felling of smaller trees or two contributed to a long-term project of establishing a small home for himself, along with gathering tools from passer-bys for this end.

He's been content to retire to some quiet corner of Red Forest in the cabin of his own fashioning, until recent events regarding olden Ecologist contacts have spurred him to venture out. His first proper stop in search for answers is Rostok, a hub and restock point for various vagrants across the Zone.

SteveB: Sounds good to me, though I'm going to have to parrot Pilotfish's concerns regarding Clear Sky in a previous application. Try not to make the character seem too closely related to the events of the games. Approved.
Doctress: Have my auth before my jealousy overtakes me!

CptMarkka: [Addressed: The history could use more fleshing out. What has he done to earn his accolades? Being a CS-era Stalker, he would have years of experience.] Take it, you filthy animal. Or bush.
pilotfish: sure
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Re: Character Applications

Postby baby » 2018/05/31 08:37

Steam profile:
Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:41881870

Character name/alias: Faith de los Santos / "Faithful"
Character gender: Female
Character ethnicity: Colombian
Character nationality: Ukrainian
Character age: 23

Desired starting equipment: Trenchcoat, .44 Magnum
Desired starting ruble amount: 800

Briefly identify significant traits*:

5 feet 6 inches tall. Burnt all across her upper body.

Summary of character history**: Faith de los Santos was born to a regular, working-class Colombian family vacationing in Kiev, Ukraine. But a fiery incident in her early life taking place in their own home left her orphaned, and scarred. She lived most of her youth in one of many orphanages in Kiev being raised by the locals, learning their tongue. Released at the age of 16, and for years she was homeless living off scraps and barely getting by. She resorted to criminal activities, robbing with makeshift weapons and shoplifting from convenience stores. A rusty magnum laid it's place in one of the dumpsters Faith looked for food in, with bare bullets to spare inside.

Murderer. Evil. Labels that would haunt her as she lived her next days in isolation, avoiding local law enforcement after she had killed someone on accident and was identified by an eye-witness, stripping her of any chance at a normal life in Ukraine. One of many escapes she had heard of were The Zone. This was her chance to finally live freely, and perhaps find purpose. With the magnum, and some scrounged up rubles, she made her way, or rather was guided into the Zone to begin her new life.

But the Zone had other plans for her, and while she was free to walk around without anyone batting an eye to have her arrested and left to rot in a jail cell for the rest of her life, she was left to fend for herself in a whole nother world past the rumors and stories. A simple challenge she took without hesitation. With a now-repaired weapon and some gear, she lived in the Zone scraping rubles job-after-job for months.

She was also religious, often relating many circumstances to the stories in the Bible. A 'faithful' Christian, hence the alias.

Doctress: I do not appreciate having such a drastic change made to the character's weapon after I've marked the application without so much as a DM on Discord. I can't in good concscience support this app, after an OOC lie of omission.
CptMarkka: Any particular way she wound up with a .44?
baby: initially wanted the story to be told ICly by her but it's been addressed in the backstory now

pirate: sorry dude, i've deliberated on this for a little while and i just don't think this is a good one. i don't mean to make it sound like i'm hung up on the gun, but it's an easy example to start with: the way you've written the gun in makes it sound like you've put very little thought into this whole thing. 44 magnum revolvers are absurdly expensive in the US, astronomically so in europe, and i'm not really sold on the idea that your character just found one in a dumpster, killed someone with it accidentally, and then somehow smuggled it into the zone with zero contacts. the overall impression i got from this app is you had the character rough-out first (colombian, criminal, shiny revolver) and hastily came up with this backstory to justify those traits.

you should hop on, make yourself a rookie, and see where that takes you. in the meantime you can think about a better way to introduce a character like this one. take the time to come up with a richer, better thought-out backstory. having a better-conceived history for the character will benefit your portrayal of the character immensely. i don't think this one holds up to scrutiny.

edit: it's fine man, i didn't think this app would go through neither but to clarify the nationality isnt related to her criminal status neither the weapon, vice versa. it's all good though
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Emily Anderson

Postby Kayla/llauirescat » 2018/05/31 23:59

Steam profile:
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:88485414

Character name/alias: Emily Anderson
Character gender: Female
Character nationality: American
Character age: 52

Desired starting equipment: mosin nagant
Desired starting ruble amount: ten thousand since I plan to be trader. Your welcome to bring it down as much as you want to.
Briefly identify significant traits*: She has contacts from outside the Zone- and inside the zone. She seems to know contacts outside the zone that will buy artifacts, weapons, almost anything. She mostly plans to sell and buy from the stalkers. Contacts from the outside that can import weapons, suits, and food.

Summary of character history**: She arrived around one year ago when she was 51, coming to the Zone for the riches and the outside contacts constantly trying to persuade her to go to the Zone so they could get the riches from the dangerous Zone without going themselves.

Emily had heard about strange things going down in the Zone, so being a curious old lady she began to investigate. Emily had met these contacts by browsing the Darkweb, she had gotten curious on what was going down in the Zone, so she had began a look for information, that would eventually lead to her many contacts on a forum, after talking for a few weeks to said contacts on the forum they came together, they planned to send Emily into the Zone.

With this in thought they had to pay for lessons for the native language in the Zone once they persuaded her. With her knowing the language she shipped off to the Zone, getting her way inside with twenty thousand rubles provided by her contacts, after countless bribes she was able to get into the Zone with ten thousand rubles to spare for equipment and such, another reason she came to the Zone easier is that her parents had perished in a car crash a few years prior to herself meeting the contacts, with nothing to lose and only to gain she came to the Zone.

She has had quite the hard time getting such things as artifacts and other equipment, before she thought to herself she could pay younger, better people to do it for herself, and so she has started to make her living while following this odd,odd group of stalkers.

It is one year later, she is now 52. She would reside where everyone is currently most active, the bar. Another reason she would risk everything to come to the Zone is that her family had died years back,she has nothing to lose, only to gain. Due to the events in her long 52 years of life, she is known to be bitter, though she can also be known to have a sense of humor too.

Many of her friends she had made in the zone are long dead, she tries not to bother to make friends, but cant help being friendly to most that treat her with respect. The way she came across the mosin nagant was via a death of a close friend, most people thought she should have it to keep her memory alive, and so she does.(sorry for the shit backround, not the most creative) (For CptMarkka: The back story is of less importance, the RP matters the most.) (To Steve: I may not be the best writer but my RP would could make up for it, though in all I respect your choice)

CptMarkka: [Addressed: Three years is a very long time in the Zone. That would put Emily around the very first stalkers/traders that ever arrived in the Zone. (Timeline here).] The backstory is also not expansive or detailed enough.

SteveB: I'm pretty on the fence about this one. I really couldn't disagree more when you say the backstory is of less importance. Backstories help to ground our characters in the reality of the setting and can really add a lot of flavor to a character. How did your character, an American, find out about the Zone? How did they learn the language? How did she make all of these contacts she is said to have? What were the circumstances under which her parents perished? If you can write a convincing backstory, I'll be happy to approve your application.

I'm going to have to say no, for now. While I appreciate the effort you've put into this, frankly, it's just not good. The character's background and motivations feel forced and are often so vague as to be pointless or they simply don't make sense. The level of quality I'd expect from someone applying for a character isn't here. That being said, you can and will improve if you make a conscious effort to get better. All of us here want to see you succeed and I don't think anyone would mind giving you some pointers if you asked. My advice would be to try to follow the example that others have set, make a cognizant effort to better your writing, and maybe do some research on character building and maybe even the STALKER setting itself. I look forward to seeing how you progress from here.
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Re: Character Applications

Postby ron » 2018/06/01 00:42

Steam profile:
Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:32140091

Character name/alias: 'Teapot'
Character gender: Male
Character nationality: Ukrainian
Character age: 34

Desired starting equipment:

-Common outdoors-man ensemble; hatchet, multi-tool &c.

Desired starting ruble amount: 65

Briefly identify significant traits*:

-Clear Sky era Stalker.
-Small guy.

Summary of character history**:

An 'old timer' long-stranded, Teapot arrived as one innocuous face among many present in some canopy-covered truck, spared only by a series of collective bribes. They were not cheap; but as many aboard would have insisted, they were worthwhile- be it to avoid haunting pressure from home or perhaps to sate something inane within. None of them voiced these intentions, of course.

Rookies die often; in the Zone's true blossoming years, this was especially so. It took suffering through a small handful of gunfights or surviving an onslaught of mutants to smarten up, ironically. So - be it raw luck or knowing when to duck his head, Teapot roughed his way through the Zone's initial hazing, a mediocre gunfighter at best and nothing short of terrified of the twisted anomalies so many others eagerly and brazenly dove into.

Everybody finds their vocation in the Zone- that, or they die before they really can. They stick to their prominent talents; gunfighting, anomaly diving, tinkering, trailblazing and guiding. Teapot proved to be less than stellar regarding most of these.

However he proved to be useful enough in sweeping along settlement outskirts alongside others to clear out mutant nests and packs alike; it was reliable (hardly) work that kept food in his stomach and his gear maintained - even more so as he branched out further from the safer corners of the area. Years of this sort of animal-culling have shaped a proficient huntsman.

In between his travels to and from villages he has recently sought refuge in Rostok, engaging the Duty populace directly for opportunities to assist in their shared endeavors.

CptMarkka: Seems to be in order as far as I can skim through it. Granted, I think Saiga-12 is a rather high-end shotgun, and I'd go with a Spas or something similar.

SteveB: Sounds good, you got the green light from me.

pilotfish: looks good. starting ruble amount seems high though lower it by a bit and it's a green light from me[/size][/color]

pirate: no saiga, you can have a spas like markka said. trying to keep mag fed shotguns out for a bit.
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Re: Character Applications

Postby Rabid » 2018/06/01 14:17

Steam profile:
Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:33375949
Character name/alias: `Willow`
Character gender: Male
Character nationality: British
Character age: 35

Desired starting equipment: Sunrise suit, shotgun, pistol, high-end detector. The sort of gear you'd expect on someone who lives a humble life but has been in the Zone a long time. Most of his other times are IC (such as the camera).
Desired starting ruble amount:Quite a lot; I'd like to give out jobs large and small.

Briefly identify significant traits*:
- Zone Veteran [job giver/dude that folks have heard tales of].
- Capable of coexisting with the Zone to a degree [obviously not all mutants/anomalies, especially now].
- Neutral to all parties by the nature of what he does.

Summary of character history**:
The Zone has a way of starting the strangest rumors about people, especially those who it can be ascertained have been there longer than most and survived. Willow is no exception to this, especially amongst those Rookies and Loners who squat in the Cordon with whom he drifts in and out of contact with to supply jobs before travelling north into the wilds.

The rumors vary in degrees of believably even insofar as the strangeness the area has but it seems that, eerily, most have a kernel of truth to them in one way or another.

Willow is a native from before the Zone opened - False. Though his accent has long-since been diluted in the melting pot that is the Zone, it is clearly westernized. He most certainly has been around from the earliest days of Stalkers entering the Zone in 2011, however. That much is true. If you tap the right contacts and know the right people there's even photographs to back it up. A few even go as far as to suggest he's been around since the Military first discovered the expansion in 2006 but there's no proof of this - not that Willow himself doesn't feed into this rumor now and again.

Willow holds some sort of symbiosis with the Zone - Partially true. Willow's goals within the Zone are not inherently destructive nor damaging to it; that much has long-since been figured out by those who deal with him. He keeps his cards close to his chest in that regard but this non-aggression and acceptance allows him to move about areas that would see others ripped to pieces by anomalies or mutants with relative ease. That being said, he isn't stupid - some mutants most certainly don't care and will gladly rip him apart and as such he is armed and more than ready to put down threats. He's also had contact with Duty now and again; he doesn't seem to reject their reasons nor their methods if it suits.

Willow reached the center of the Zone and wished for immortality - he cannot age nor die - False, though Willow takes great amusement in propagating this theory. He most certainly has traveled as deep as it is safe to do so many times, so it is believed he does intend to seek out the Wish-Granter and other powerful artifacts in the center for his own aims.

Willow's camera is capable of showing the spirits of the dead - This is another one of those Zone rumors that likely holds some bit of truth to it in the same way the Zone punishes those who touch the belongings of those who existed before. Willow himself claims to have indeed photographed phantoms and shades, but none have seen evidence of such.

Willow is a member of Monolith/The Final Day - False. Willow has no direct relation to Monolith and never has done - they'd kill or convert him if they caught him same as anyone. That being said it is apparent he believes that their beliefs are genuine and that the Zone is certainly alive and capable of responding to threats and dangers to itself. His general attitude is 'live-and-let-live' in regards to what remains of the cultists. They have become as much a part of the Zone's 'immune system' as the mutants and anomalies are.

Willow actually works for the Ukrainian Government; his jobs are designed to steer potentially dangerous Stalkers away from targets and areas the Military have use for - False. Willow has never been associated with the Ukrainian Government and his aims and goals very likely run directly counter to theirs. In fact some of his earliest jobs involved tracking and ascertaining the routes of military choppers to try and find his own way deeper into the Zone, before the Brain Scorcher was lowered.

Willow is a Seer - False, though as stated above he does have a certain 'working relationship' with The Zone. He exists and teaches and it does little to impede him in this.

Willow is no longer capable of life beyond the Zone - Surprisingly true and one of the primary reasons he does what he now does. Willow's incursions into the then-recently expanded Zone were the result of someone not properly prepared for what the new Zone had in store and as a result he contracted a rapid and aggressive form of bone cancer. It was only by luck (or design, as Willow personally believes) he came across an artifact capable of fighting this in early 2007 and indeed, reversing it entirely so long as it was kept close every so often. With this came the subconscious nagging feeling that leaving the Zone risked the artifact being confiscated or perhaps ceasing to work entirely - and as such, Willow never left again and has not since.


The truth about Willow is remarkably mundane, beyond the Zone. Willow has been in the area since 2006; a young foreign exchange student from the United Kingdom on what was supposed to be a temporary placement with a small family in Kiev while he finished his degree in wildlife photography - having traveled beyond the city limits to complete various projects and photograph as much as he could of what was then the (fairly mundane) zone of exclusion and the various animals that resided with in.

Entry was difficult after the strange phenomenon started happening and tourism (and special access passes such as the one Willow possessed in regards to his studies) became almost non-existent. Willow, perhaps too bold or desperate to finish his final project, made one last effort to slip by the checkpoints. He was unsurprisingly caught, threatened with legal action and tossed in the back of a truck to be taken back to Kiev for prosecution. His potential career was likely over. Six miles beyond the exclusion zone on the way back the expansion happened - which is likely what saved his life and changed it forever. Willow was unceremoniously kicked out of the truck as the driver was rerouted on new orders in the wake of the disaster leaving him miles from... well, anywhere.

Willow can't rightly explain what happened after that - not even now. The next few days, weeks, months he describes as a very vivid blur - a sort of painting that doesn't make sense. In reality it is very likely Willow found himself compelled to return to the Zone several times more for reasons even he can't ascertain. In fact the back of the truck was the last time he was seen under his birth identity.

What Willow does know of those days is he swiftly grew dreadfully ill as the radiation from the Zone - lacking protection as he did - swiftly ravaged his body. Dying and still in his fuge state, Willow wandered ever-deeper into the Zone. It was here, in an old house on the very edge of the Red Forest, Willow found his very first artifact and his salvation. The strange lump of pulsating flesh soothed him and, indeed, entirely reversed the dreadful cancer in him (though it gained a few more lumps in the process). Seeing no other option - that strange nagging - Willow decided he would stay, and learn.

The photographer spent the next three years doing what one would expect; learning. Evading the Military wasn't difficult when they expended nobody to be within the Zone; patrols were few, especially by foot. It is from these years that Willow gained the vast majority of his experience and it was only when the first official groups of Stalkers entered the Zone that Willow finally made contact and began his current trade.

Willow became known as an exceptional guide and would often give out jobs to get newer Stalkers acquainted with their surroundings. Rarely were these jobs, even then, violent - perhaps it would be to take photographs, map out a certain area or verify some rumor. Payment was lucrative regardless and Willow became something of a local legend as a result of these early actions. The more that entered, the more his reputation grew. At some point he passed from fact to legend, for all he was very visible - travelling to and from loner camps to deeper into the zone, which has continued unabated for three years.

SteveB: Interesting read; you've got my vote.
Doctress: I like it! Good detail. Good level of background to draw from. Got my approval.

pirate: i approve this application
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Re: Character Applications

Postby Tire Marks » 2018/06/03 01:30

Steam profile:
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:52053466

Character name/alias: Yusuf Basar / Cobra
Character gender: Male
Character nationality: Turkish
Character age: 37

Desired starting equipment: AK47
Desired starting ruble amount: A decent amount for a trader

Briefly identify significant traits*: Cunning - Yusuf is used to living his life in the shadows, ready to strike at just the right moment. Nowadays, this translates to ripping someone off if they're an asshole to him.

Resourceful - Having been a former guerrilla, Yusuf possesses the knowledge to craft a weapon out of many things, whether it be a makeshift silencer or an explosive, Yusuf has been through it all.
Summary of character history**:

Born in 1977 in a city called Mardin in Southeastern Turkey, Yusuf was a Kurd, just like the majority of the population of that region. When he was young, the Kurdish influence of the area seized him, he was idealistic, patriotic, the perfect candidate to be someone to resist the oppression that the state of Turkey placed upon his people. At the age of 18, Yusuf grew tired of changing things through the politics that represented his people in a country that continuously placed restrictions on the status of his people. So, he did what many young, idealistic, and patriotic men do when they go down the wrong path: He joined a terrorist organization.

The Kurdistan Workers' Party(Partiya Karkerên Kurdistanê), also known as the PKK, is a far left group filled with everything from communists who wanted to form an independent Kurdish state to simply those who wanted to achieve equal rights for Kurds in Turkey. Yusuf participated in the actions of this group for roughly two years, in that time he assisted in the murder of a Turkish politician and bombed a police department in central Turkey, among other things. In 1995, he was forced to flee the country due to his local cell being captured during a brief skirmish with the military and later shot for a raid on a Turkish weapons depot. Yusuf, being lucky enough to escape, took as much as he could smuggle out and continued his work in Iraqi Kurdistan, where he was welcomed in Erbil as a freedom fighter exiled from his homeland.

Yusuf assisted in overthrowing the government of Saddam Hussein in the 2003 invasion of Iraq, where the Peshmerga, the army of Iraqi Kurdistan, gave military support to coalition forces. After the war, he remained in the Peshmerga until the year 2014, where he grew restless once more. He wanted to live in an area with more action, so he looked to his contacts about the Middle East, one told him of an area in Ukraine known as The Zone. Yusuf, skeptical at first, asked about it, the contact knew little aside from 'it's better than any war you've ever fought' and 'you can make a shitlode of money being there, too.' So Yusuf sold much of the stolen military equipment he had and set off for the Zone, where he began his story as Cobra the trader. As the spillover of ISIS progressed in his home country, he used an old friend in the Peshmerga to sell him weapons recovered from insurgent fighters. Along with this, he met a contact in the Zone who was willing to sell him armor that he could later flip for a better price. This would prove to be a profitable venture indeed.

rusty: +support
CptMarkka: [Addressed: Is Yusuf a fresh arrival to the Zone, or has he been there since after 2010? This is a fairly critical point, because if he has been in the Zone since Clear Sky days, he would be among the most powerful and influential traders in the entire Zone, if he had played his cards correctly. If he's a fresh arrival, then I'd be willing to give him a thumbs up on the condition he sells relatively common equipment for the time being.] Try to not sell the most extravagant and exotic items off the bat, then.
Doctress: With the modifications, you totally got my green stamp.
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Emily's attempt 02

Postby Kayla/llauirescat » 2018/06/09 00:53

Steam profile:
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:88485414

Character name/alias: Emily Anderson
Character gender: Female
Character nationality: American
Character age: 23

Desired starting equipment: Any suit. Any pistol.
Desired starting ruble amount: 10000

Briefly identify significant traits*: She stands at 5.4, mostly sarcastic.

Summary of character history**:Emily Anderson
If there was one thing that you could guarantee in Emily’s days of youth, it was that she learned more on the streets than she could ever learn anywhere else. She had been stirring up trouble since she was the age of 6, and later on, had skipped school enough to get the backlash from it back home. Her parents weren’t the nicest, especially her father, but they were better than most. It was almost like she dropped out entirely though, by the time her neighborhood father figure Henry Anderson, her uncle, got involved. Absent notes quit being found in the mailbox, phone calls were redirected back to his phone, he went to ‘bring her to school’ every morning…The entire time, their family had no idea of the truth.

But she never felt guilt, not when she was convinced her parents were never going to give them a life that Henry would. Time flew by, she was an apprentice for years after Henry, learning after him when he led his own crew, and soon enough after, he got her drop out official…After her mother left, and when he got her father to ‘quit caring’. Eventually Emily was already down to work with her uncle in the main business he established himself in; smuggling. Under shipping company’s illusion, he went through even the most complex needs of his illegal business, and by the time Emily hit her early twenties, she was already racking all kinds of ill goods. Guns, drugs, sometimes a stolen vehicle, even people when the times were desperate for them. All was well in the business, until in her late twenties the racket formed by her uncle, that had been broken by a slow yet eventual loss of original or trusted alliances and members, was filled with a newer, more ambitious group of criminals. One that went straight for the head of the operation, being Henry Anderson, as their main target, hoping to take over everything him and her loyal Emily have set out to accomplish, with them both as their targets to kill.

The few loyal members there were informed them both of the upcoming treachery, and the duo made a hasty escape out of their home state. To keep themselves out of trouble with any past enemies, the two kept themselves far away from each other, and only managed to say their goodbyes before. Emily had managed to quickly regain herself after though, her nosy instincts leading into Deep web forums regarding the Zone. After a long few weeks of convincing and slow, eventual convincing, she gained a decent amount of connections to establish herself as one of the many traders in the land. Using what money she had for roughly 20000 rubles, she spent half of it to just enter the Zone, thanks to the corrupt hands of the Ukrainian Military checkpoints. And now, she begins her journey, or business rather, in this strange and alien new land.

SteveB: I have to say, this is a huge improvement over your previous application and I don't really see any glaring issues. You've got my approval.
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