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Re: Character Applications

Postby Pilotfish » 2018/04/04 13:23

Steam profile:
Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:8310486

Character name/alias:Chaplain
Character gender:Male
Character nationality:Ukrainian
Character age:37

Desired starting equipment:Ithaca shotgun, Skat9m (combat sunrise is fine as well)
Desired starting ruble amount:Whatever you guys think is fair for factions to have

Summary of character history*:Chaplain was in the first generation of loners to join Duty after their desertion from the military. He stumbled into the Zone, lost and afraid, and after sleeping in burned down barns and around campfires with other panicked newcomers, Duty seemed a bastion of security and order. He slept in a barracks, and the men around him were mostly veterans. He ate steadily, got equipment issued to him rather than having to scavenge, and he was left to follow orders.

In a place as complex and impossible to grasp as the Zone, it was simple.

He had a full name and rank, early on, and ‘Chaplain’ was just a nickname given to him for his leaning towards religious rites, and the little silver cross he wore around his neck. Over time, people stopped using the name, and over time, he took on responsibilities which didn’t directly correlate to rank: morale officer, training officer… and then, officially, ‘Chaplain’, as a friendly almost-joke by his CO.

Since then, name and rank fell by the wayside. For years, he trained new recruits, conducted religious services for the dead, and shored up the wavering belief of fellow dutyers. Reassigned from outpost to outpost every few months, Duty’s headscratchers never seemed sure where to put him, and the discomfort of a dutyer who didn’t fit exactly into the puzzle of ranks and responsibilities made him unpopular with many commanders. Over time, Chaplain became more of a relic than an asset, a lost thing from a time when Duty was much smaller, and could afford some eccentricity. His attitude to the war didn’t help; mentored by old men with a tendency for diplomacy over action, Chaplain was sometimes seen as worryingly close to his opposites in Freedom.

The death blow to Chaplain’s career and reputation came in the form of a coup. A particularly unpopular leader he was assigned to was assassinated. Chaplain had the conspirators rounded up, lined against a wall, and shot. Not long after, the outpost’s second in command turned up with a group of well armed dutyers, demanding to be let in. Chaplain and some other veterans shored up the defenses, not trusting the men outside. They withstood hours of siege, until the deadlock was broken by another Duty detachment marched in from Rostok. The commanding officers on both sides were taken to a trial. Chaplain was reprimanded for killing dutyers without a fair trial. The man he suspected of arranging the assassination was given his command with a slap on the wrist.

Chaplain spent the next several months on punishment duties. His sentence was very nearly death, and would have been but not for some doubt remaining in the makeshift courtroom. He lugged building supplies, disposed of the bodies of bandits and ne’er-do-wells, and dug pits for his fellows to shit in.

Eventually it was decided that a man of his experience should be put to use, somewhere (even if it was out of the way, where he couldn’t cause trouble). As such, he was dragged out of punishment duties, and given command of a small group sent to handle scouting and preliminary expansion into an area until-recently held by the Monolith.

Doctress: Yup, sure. Need doody chars.
woldking2: yes please
pirate: sure pilotfish i love you :3
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Re: Character Applications

Postby dad » 2018/04/04 19:53

Steam profile: y'all nibbas got that already
Steam ID: see above

Character name/alias: Travis O'Donnell / "Irish"
Character gender: Male
Character nationality: Irish-American
Character age: 32

Desired starting equipment: Mercenary IO7, patch removed, Glock 17
Desired starting ruble amount: A weekly stipend to send stalkers on mission, some for rookies and a few that are suited for more experienced stalkers. As well as enough to sell NATO firearms to people who can afford them.

Summary of character history*:

Travis' first journey into the Zone was a rather strange one. He was recruited as part of a mercenary team that would lead one of the first manned outings into the Zone by a western power. Completely deniable, Travis still wasn't sure who his employer was. Some said the CIA, others in the group thought it was MI6, others still thought it to be the Illuminati of all people, Travis didn't care, all he cared about was the money. The operations proceeded as planned, they infiltrated with a group of eggheads and set up in some place called the "Dead City".

Months went by and their mysterious benefactors wanted the group to travel father into the Zone, into an area that the locals referred to as the Great Swamp. When they arrived the group made contact with a group known as Clear Sky, who seemed friendly enough and even shared a mutual, scientific interest in the Zone. At this point Travis' group of mercs had already had numerous skirmishes with the military and bandits, so they figured they'd throw their lot in with these Clear Sky guys and see where it took them. The group operated out of a bunker in the swamp and everything was business as usual. That is until the mother of all emissions happened.

To this day no one in the group knows what caused it, but it was as if the Zone was finally fed and wanted to clean house. Lucky for Travis, he had suffered an injury prior to the emission that rendered his dominant arm lame and near useless, so he was confined to quarter master duty in the bunker. He was checking his PDA to make sure their latest scientist outing was going alright, only to see blips rapidly start disappearing. One by one he lost contact with the group, and the scientists they were escorting. Sure, they had survived emissions before, but they had never experienced anything on this scale. In what seemed like an instant a group of 30 mercenaries and 12 scientists had been reduced to the single digits. Only Travis and the handful that were guarding the bunker remained.

It was a week before anyone felt brave enough to venture out of the bunker, and when they finally did they knew that they were well and truly fucked. The mercs knew that the operation was a disaster, and all agreed to go their separate ways from there on out. Travis gathered his things and set out towards the Cordon, after which he'd make his way towards a contact he had in Rostok. He'd made some connections in Duty during his time as a mercenary and was about to call in every favor he had earned.

woldking2: sure, the more people giving jobs the better IMO
pilotfish: looks good. mind the ties to clear sky, try not to make the character seem too closely related to the events of the games
Mack: Accepted, with the same conditions as in pilotfish's auth.
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Re: Character Applications

Postby Матрёшка » 2018/04/06 10:13

Steam profile:
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:87274912

Character name/alias: Zoya Kozak OR "Trish"
Character gender: Female
Character nationality: Ukrainian
Character age: Thirty-two.

Desired starting equipment: (Edit: AK-47) Couple packs of cigarettes (I really wanted to go to bed and didn't know what to choose, so I just chose anything. An AS VAL is overpowered, though. So I thought to change it. She doesn't need armor. It's just stupid and would weigh a person down anyway) .
Desired starting ruble amount: She's made enough from her pickings, but she's not rich. (About 5000)

Summary of character history*: Arriving in the irradiated lands at the crisp age of thirty, Zoya thought of herself as simply being another loner in search for artifacts and just eager to soak up the "Zone Experience." She wasn't leaving behind much when she arrived, and chose to stay for good. She was excited to finally change her boring life. Which consisted of living in an Odessa slum, and working a low end job.

Using some of the money she had accumulated with her factory occupation, she had traveled to The Zone by way of a tour guide. Opting to 'tour' herself as she got there. She had settled down first in the Cordon, then ran with a group of Loners in the Garbage, and chilled with numerous other groups, cells, and all of the alike of Loners.. She learned a good amount from the loners she stuck with.

Still, to her these groups were simply just in the game for pocket change. They nabbed low paying jobs from dead beat traders, never gave a shit to go artifact hunting, and just overall scraped the bottom of the barrel for beer money..

She took her leave from the Loner life, and was instead encouraged to try her hand at the businesses bandits had been known for. Because being a loner just ment you got smaller wages in exchange for not being a "Bad" guy. Was a bunch of bullshit to Zoya. Instead, opting to try her hand at robbery, extortion, territory tolls, or just helping stalker in need of some muscle. If the pay was good, though. The list goes on.
Zoya, liked working with bandits. They were easy to work with, didn't bullshit you. Just nice guys to just sit down and have a Cossacks with.

rusty: no submachine guns that have integral suppressors that fire subsonic glorified pistol cartridges, thanks
Doctress: In its current state, much better. Green stamp.
woldking2: im fine with either suit and the AK
pilotfish: sure with an AK seems fine
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Re: Character Applications

Postby pirate » 2018/04/11 14:24

I have updated the OP to clarify a few things about how the applications can be used. A new category has been added to the application itself.
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Re: Character Applications

Postby Wayfinder » 2018/04/12 02:46

Steam profile:
Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:20464847

Character name/alias: Pravdoljuba Senchana
Character gender: Female.
Character nationality: Croatian.
Character age: 45.

Desired starting equipment: A sunrise, and a revolver.
Desired starting ruble amount: Enough for stock.

Briefly identify significant traits*: Trader, dealer.

Summary of character history**:

During the Yugoslav wars, a hodgepodge of militas and the army fought for Croatia's right to independence. It was a controversial war, and no stranger to war crimes. Pravdoljuba, a sympathizer in college, dropped out of her class in finances and accounting to assist her homeland. From drafting propaganda denigrating the vile Serbs, to connections fostered to support the war effort.

Food, arms, and drugs. Anything to keep the war effort going. Senchana, shrewd, delicately balanced the connections she formed during her support of the different groups fighting for home, inspiring her to form her own group. Now with her own funding, experience, and contacts, she too organized people together. To inspire those who were still on the fence to take up the sword and fight back.

Years after the conclusion of the Croatian War for Independence left her with mental scars. She went straight after it ended, disbanding what she built as a bulwark for her home and using her resources to start various businesses, all of which eventually failed in the situation that faced Croatia. It would take her all over Europe, until one day, a crazy idea had formed. She would never say if her folk participated in the slaughter that would set the tone for the war.

Still haunted by crimes against humanity, Senchana reached out to old friends, mustered her finances, and went to Ukraine. The not-so-secret secret of Ukraine would trickle down the grapevine to her every once in a while. Although not a fighter, she saw a familiar force in the people that risked everything to hop the border. And so, at her lowest, with maybe too much ambition, she decided she would create an economic empire in one of the world's most contentious places.

Doctress: After edit, yeah okay. 30,000 rubles is my go-to for giving to new traders.
wayfangler: i edited it
pilotfish: seems good
Mack:I will accept this on the condition you take an IO7 instead of a sunrise.
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Re: Character Applications

Postby Матрёшка » 2018/04/15 20:52

Steam profile:
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:87274912

Character name/alias: Petras 'Mortem' Venckunas
Character gender: Male.
Character nationality: Serbian
Character age: Twenty one

Desired starting equipment: SVD, Glock-17.
Desired starting ruble amount: One hundred rubles.

Briefly identify significant traits*: Sniper.

Summary of character history**:

• Our guy was born in the capital of Lithuania, Viluinus. His parents, who were of higher class dreamed for their infant son in the distant future to excel in school, and obtain a degree in a high paying position, carrying the baton of the families' wealth onto another generation. Relative wealth, that is.

• As life progressed for Petras, his parents thought the disciplined son they had wanted was going to need to be trained into him. Being extracted from one of Lithuania's better schools, he was shifted off to a boarding school where he would live the next few years, being discharged in his mid-teens.

• Quiet, and mostly anti-social; Petras found refuge and escape in art by the time he was sixteen, the discipline applied in boarding school not doing enough to keep him from being an independent body. At this young age of sixteen, he had moved on from primary education. His parents, wanting him to go dive into secondary education were disproving of his decision to enlist, which through conflict from his parents he did so the age of eighteen.

• After a single year of service, Petras knew the military life simply wasn't for him, despite the amount of benefits it offered. He left, going back to his home city where he found an average wage job, and lived in a Khrushchyovka. Petra's only hobby from when he was a boy, never left him as he got older. He appreciated this ability to illustrate his thoughts, and feelings through the cheap charcoal pencils. It served as the same escape as it did years prior.

• Discovery of The Zone wasn't a very highlighting moment for our Lithuanian. He admired the desolate and grim nature of The Zone, as well as the freedom that came with The Zone's irradiated borders. As with many others, he was able to save, and eventually after many small side jobs afford the fee of hiring a tour, leading him to The Zone at last.

After staying in The Zone for the bulk of a year, our Lithuanian spent most of the funds he still had left on food, minor clothing items, and a Austrian sidearm for protection purposes, replacing the cheap Makarov he had been thrown upon arrival. Having been trained to shoot, Petras quickly grew reputation with the local traders for his efficiency.

Soon after accumulating the funds, Petras had enough for a new weapon. His initial choice was an Kalashnikov, or another similar rifle. Being interested and wanting to experiment in longer range engagements in assurance of safety, he instead opted to purchase an Dragunov sniper rifle.

Edit: Pilotfish, I understand the shtick with the nickname, and the fact of such little military experience landing you with the ability to be an effective shooter. Now, originally that wasn't why he was so good with a rifle. What was intended before was him taking interest in shooting firearms, probably just for the dopamine it released. He regularly shot, improving at the skill little by little as the months in The Zone went by. But, he'd been there for no longer a year and a half at best. he still would be just a mediocre/mildly skilled shooter at that point, so yes.

The SVD, unreasonable? I can't really see it for the reason of being able to assassinate anybody via' long range capable weapon (The SKS, M16, FAL,) the listed of which you folks haven proudly given out.

I haven't branched out enough when it comes to characters, and with this character it's obvious when you look my story as to where I want this character to go. Patience, as well as a couple of other qualities are shared by both the sniper and the artist. If I were to just pick up a chopper and be like everybody else, I can't enjoy this character.

Lastly, in response to that comment about being bloodthirsty this character isn't supposed to be some bandit thug murderer, whatever. There'd be no reason for him to just straight up murder folks from two hundred meters away. That's not even where I want the character to go, because I did that shit with other characters, and it was fucking boring because that's all I knew how to do.

pilotfish: i'm worried about handing out sniper rifles via application - they carry the ability to assassinate amongst other things. in the past you've shown tendency to gun for the death of characters which makes me more nervous about it. the nickname of 'death' doesn't make me any keener, and i'm not sure a single year of unenthusiastic Lithuanian military service would justify any significant skill with a sniper rifle.

Doctress: Lithuanian enlistments last 3 years, sniper rifles are powerful tools and much like the VSS I'm not going to hand one out via an application, and I haven't seen you play anything that isn't an antagonist at all and thus am unsure about the path you plan to take. Play a rookie loner that isn't trying to murder, rob or otherwise antagonize everyone he or she meets and get powerful through roleplay, if you're bored.

rusty: I don't really care much about the backstory because, most of the time anyway, it is basically irrelevant in actual roleplay scenarios, and antagonists are important to player-based conflict on the server that isn't artificial. Get something that isn't so exotic and I'll support your app.
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Re: Character Applications

Postby Benji » 2018/04/28 02:11

Steam profile:
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:51817559

Character name/alias: Viktor 'Lawn-mower' Borozan
Character gender: Male
Character nationality: Serbian national, Slovakian partial
Character age: 25

Desired starting equipment: Regular Sunrise, AK47 PSO, 210 rounds of 7.62x39, MP-443 Grach, 100 rounds of 9x19.
Desired starting ruble amount: 5500

Summary of character history**: 2009 - Viktor and his cousin foolishly throw themselves to smugglers, entering the zone through the swamps. Wanderlust and haphazard yearnings to get out of their impoverished lives wisp them away into the hell that is the exclusion zone, their only saving grace is the relative safety of the swamps comparatively to the rest of the zone, they spend much time here, even if it's generally a desolate region.

2011 - After a few horrible years of barely keeping alive, Viktor's cousin passes of a fever without treatment, leaving Viktor alone in the Darkscape . The premature duo travelling beyond their reach, riding on the rumors of better tidings and more riches in the north. They took a wrong turn on their way to Rostok and ended up in the odd and dangerous reach of the Dark Valley, consumed by fear they flee to the southern farm stead, fending off the few mutants they encounter and hiding for the time. They retreat south and take shelter along the stretch of road leading to the Cordon. Viktor's cousin falls ill and soon passes of a freak fever, possibly anomalous in nature.

2013 - Viktor has been travelling generally alone since his partner in crime was lost to the zone, he loses himself to the slow winds of time. Losing track of what he was or who, even. Shifting from region to region, bar to bar, job to each odd and ever so terrible job. His survival was more or less luck at this point, or a curse. He's just like every other stalker at this point. Lost and forgotten among the status quo that's naturally taken over the system of the wild zone. Stranded without purpose.

2014 - Viktor since has traveled to the current region, looking for riches, or simply a bed to sleep in. His mind is lost among the countless others roaming with him. The story continues to grow, the journey unknown ahead.

Doctress: Yup, okay.
rusty: there isnt any ammo scripts, we have infinite ammo.
woldking2: LOOKS GOOD

pilotfish: looks good man
benji edit~ took out the grenades, changed combat to regular sunrise
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Re: Character Applications

Postby bison » 2018/05/05 10:09

Steam profile:
Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:20490158

Character name/alias: Pechorin Morozov / Mysha
Character gender: Male
Character nationality: Russian
Character age: 29

Desired starting equipment: Sunrise, Makarov, AKS-74U
Desired starting ruble amount: 903

Summary of character history: Born to New Russian wealth, Pechorin Morozov was told from the beginning that he could do whatever he wanted. Countless hours of bootlegged Law and Order VHS tapes convinced a young Pechorin that he wanted to fight crime.

Armed with a Western education and a Machiavellian attitude, an adolescent Pechorin quickly found himself at the Main Office for Criminal Investigation, working as a budding young detective in St. Petersburg. While he helped solve some crimes, he was responsible for nearly as many, working as a fixer for his bosses and their well-heeled friends. Seeing no better alternative, he leaned into these duties, and was rewarded handsomely.

His career was cut short, however, by scandal. Officially, he was under investigation for helping run protection rackets with local street gangs. Unofficially, he refused to be blackmailed by an ambitious mafioso, even if it meant the public release of his pseudonymous e-mail correspondence with a college boyfriend in London. Previously surrounded with opportunity, the smear of goluboi now sent most doors flying shut -- including those of his parents.

Amidst disgrace, disownment and disillusionment, the Zone presented an escape. With little left to lose, Pechorin packed his bags and headed south, armed only with his wits and his service pistol.

Between bribes, guides, and intermittent muggings, he was broke by the time he got in. He fed himself by hawking booze and cigarettes at trading posts, then by working as a hired thug for local traders. Steady work gave him a decent set of gear and a working knowledge of the Zone, but the loss of his career, his family, and his lover drove him to drink. All other avenues for finding purpose were exhausted. Only the numbing warmth of Cossack's was left.

Today he lives as a merc and a barfly, spending his spare rubles on cheap vodka and rich conversation. But sometimes, when an emission passes over and brings the world to a trembling halt, he can't help but sense something vital in the air. The slightest hint that, beyond lovers, beyond power, beyond God, there's a bright vein of meaning buried somewhere in this place.

Doctress: Doesn't look like anything [undesireable] to me.
pilotfish: look good!
bison edit: i got stuff from the event yesterday so u don't have to give me nothin if u don't want to
Mack: Approved. Contact an administrator if you are missing any items.
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Re: Character Applications

Postby CptMarkka » 2018/05/08 03:43

Steam profile:
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:10064824

Character name/alias: Dora "Bubble" Trajavna
Character gender: Female
Character nationality: Russian
Character age: 30

Desired starting equipment: Sunrise, Walther P99, Ithaca; a few magazines worth of ammo for both.
Desired starting ruble amount: Default.

Briefly identify significant traits*:
  • Zone Veteran: Dora has lived within the Zone for a long time. She's seen artifacts, anomalies, mutants, faction wars, undergrounds and been through trials that would have left a lesser STALKER dead or broken. Her physique, knowledge and willpower are appropriately robust.
  • Ecostalker: Dora never cared too much about factions and their conflicts. She's more interested in learning. And shinies.

Summary of character history**:
Born and raised in Russia. Graduated from university and started a business. Her venture failed, forcing her to take a questionable loan from loan sharks. She found herself in hot water and decided to flee to the land of opportunity, America before it would be time to pay up - one way or another.

Dora worked in America for a few years, learning the language and refining her craft. Once confident enough, she tried setting up a business again. Eventually the business went bankrupt and Dora again had to live off of loans and debt. Eventually she ended up in a debt spiral she saw escape again as her only choice, but this time her destination was the Zone. A place where nobody would come looking for her, and where she just might find a fortune enough to buy back her old life.

Dora eeked out a meager living during her rookie days until she joined a scientific expedition to explore the deeper reaches of the Zone. For this, she was equipped with a Sunrise suit, modified to withstand moderate psychic emissions. In spite of the equipment and the experience of the various leaders, most of them were doomed to failure, with Dora being among the few survivors. The harrowing experiences left their marks on Dora, but she refused to break under the stresses of the Zone.

Eventually her resilience, knack for obtaining artifacts and levelheadedness during the scientific expeditions in the Zone earned her a good reputation among the people she worked with, who usually and unsurprisingly were working for the Ecologists. This opened a door for Dora to join the ranks of the Ecostalkers, where she remained. The Ecologists supplied her with their version of PSZ-9, suited for activity in anomalous zones, as well as a Walther P99 sidearm for her expeditions.

Dora was content in her work with the Ecologists, with her assignments sending her all around the Zone where the Ecologists were operating at. Over time, however, outposts began to fall silent. While the first few occourences were dismissed as bandit raids or equipment failures caused by blowouts, the escalating pace of disappearing outposts soon betrayed the true nature of the incidents. With the Ecologists being targeted, all the less permanent installations were pulled out. Even with her history of working with the Ecologists, Dora could not leave without facing severe punishment from the Ukraine authorities, or the wrath of her debtors back home. Her only course of action was to don her old Sunrise and hide, before she too would be targeted.

Doctress: Try and fucking stop me from approving this god damn application.
Mack: Approved.
Duckhead: Bada-ba-ba-BA I'm loving it
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Re: Character Applications

Postby Tire Marks » 2018/05/09 03:13

Steam profile: ... ahheyokay/
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:52053466

Character name/alias: Zoya "Cyan" Budny
Character gender: Female
Character nationality: Ukrainian
Character age: 21

Desired starting equipment: I07A, Ithaca and some ammo for it.
Desired starting ruble amount: Default

Briefly identify significant traits*:
- Loyal To those that she trusts and cares for, Zoya is willing to make countless sacrifices for. This trait has, at times, taken hold of her rational thinking and led her on an unwise path.

- Zone knowledge Being a former ecostalker, Zoya has knowledge on much of the Zone, it's creatures, artifacts, and various conclusions to explain them by parroting her former superiors.

Summary of character history**:
The only child of a doctor and a university professor, Zoya had a lot of pressure put on her growing up to perform well and succeed in life. After finishing secondary education, her parents immediately wanted her to attend a university, continue to study hard, and get a high paying job which would definitely involve what Zoya saw as a grueling 9-5, 5 days a week. Zoya was opposed to the idea of the kind of life that her parents wanted her to live, and instead was more interested in working a job that was exciting, such as a police officer. Her parents didn't see things her way and often argued with their daughter and tried to get her to appreciate the idea of a university education. Zoya, however, would not budge, she did not want to attend higher education.

Fed up with all of the drama at her home, Zoya made the decision to leave her home, and immediately moved in to a friend's apartment in Kiev. This friend was very interested in conspiracy theories and often discussed them with Zoya, who was pretty dismissive of them. However, one night at his apartment, he showed her records of a closed off area known as The Zone, which had been rumored to hold riches and adventure. For some reason, this theory intrigued Zoya, so she began to read the articles and information that her friend fed her. After weeks of reading through this information, her friend proposed the wildest idea to her, to get into The Zone. The two found someone who claimed to be a guide to the Zone through the dark web, and for some reason, they believed him. The stories that he told them over the internet almost seemed too crazy to make up. Having nothing to lose, they traveled to the Zone.

The two met the guide who then smuggled them into the forbidden area, refusing any kind of payment they offered him until they saw the inside for themselves. They were both taken aback by the things they saw, the creatures, the weather, and more. Eventually, the guide led them to a settlement in the Garbage, took his pay, and left. This was the beginning of Zoya's journey.

Weeks after, the friend that she entered the Zone with was murdered by bandits. She had nobody but herself to protect her now. Being alone, she decided to join up with a faction for protection, being heavily interested in the secrets of the Zone, she entered an Ecologist bunker, where a scientist by the name of Josef happily took her in and showed her the ways of the Zone. Not long after, she was recruited as an ecostalker. She served in this position for a full two years. Despite being a member of the ecologists, she often spent time speaking with other factions, specifically Freedom, who shared a number of the same ideas that she did. This friendship with certain members of Freedom led her to being involved in a standoff between Duty and Freedom one day, where she chose to assist Freedom in opening fire on the members of Duty. Her contract with the Ecologists was immediately terminated, so she continued her former life as a loner, doing various jobs for money in order to buy gear and weapons, among other things. These included a merc suit that has served her well to this day, and a shotgun.

If she had any regret about what she had done previously, hearing about the targeting of the Ecologists removed all doubt from her mind that she had done the right thing. She continued her life in the Zone, continuing to build her reputation and her knowledge of the world around her, the world that she thought she wanted to live in once upon a time.

Doctress: APPROVED!
pirate: due to small team size atm i'm just going to approve this fully so you can go ahead and get on the server
Mack: Approved.
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