"The Medics" and "The Postmen"

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"The Medics" and "The Postmen"

Postby Doctress » 2018/01/14 08:49

"The Medics"


The Wallace Breen Memorial Clinic is a small, semi-official organization that services several of City 18's districts. While standing in as the defacto medical personnel for TOC and CCA casualties, the clinic also offers a wide selection of aid to those who are sick, injured, or have suffered psychological trauma. The facility is neither well staffed, nor well supplied, but its crew offers what assistance it can typically free of charge.

"The Postmen"


Union Select Shipping and Receiving is a Universal Union organization dealing in transportation of materials. From standardized freight containers to the lowly love letter (subject to UU inspection, of course), Union Shipping has you covered. Grown from the ashes of the old world (the likes of FEDEX, UPS, etc.), many former deliverymen, warehouse operators, etc. have found a renewed lease in Union Select. Of course, Union Select’s research division is tirelessly working on implementing Combine automation technologies to replace and improve existing distribution networks.
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