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Akarnie Bar

Postby Feels Good Man » 2018/01/09 06:27


The aqua vitae for any wretched hive of scum and villainy.

There were dozens of those greasy dive bars in the purview of the former City 18--the ones you'd always pass by but not be fain to enter unless dying of thirst. The radical restructuring that accompanied the Universal Union's arrival saw the closure of many of these establishments.

But any petty city official will tell you there'll always be the swanky districts. And among the city's underground, one such hole in the wall still exists: the Akarnie Bar.


With the requisition of most pre-war booze to the administration, the Akarnie, in theory, only serves the standard Union piss n' swill. Of course, a friendly look from the barkeep will open one's options significantly. It's a poorly kept secret that the place's run by a bunch of bootleggers and purveyors of dubiously legal hooch. But judging by the inherent alcoholism of anyone capable of working a Union job, there's likely some leeway in place for a cheap, potent drink. It's a natural spot that the sleazier citizens--and non-citizens--of the district gravitate towards; both for doing business and forgetting business.
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