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Conduct Guidelines

Postby pirate » 2018/01/05 17:59

One of Kingston's core values is that administrative action is carried out based on common sense, context, and discretion - and good-faith actions are not punished, only corrected.

If you adhere to these guidelines you stand a good chance of sticking around:

1) Don't be a dick - this is paramount. Nothing you do in good faith can get you into trouble; there's no reason to make life hard for other players.

2) Keep content on the right side of US law - I am American and the server is hosted in the United States, so anything illegal in the US is going to get you the boot quick.

3) Don't start shit with other communities - roleplay is not a competition.

4) Keep your weird fetish stuff out of here - I don't care if you're a furry/brony/dragon enthusiast/weeaboo/dog fucker as long as it isn't part of your presentation here.

5) Roleplay first - everything else second. As far as on-server affairs go, disruption to ongoing roleplay caused by an offense is the primary determinant of punishment.

"Guidelines" instead of "rules" - why?

Rules are tricky. In my experience, nobody really reads them. Everyone just does what makes sense to them, and if they happen to run afoul of the rules they either get into trouble, which isn't always fair for a slew of reasons, or they don't get into trouble, which makes having rules pointless in the first place. Discretionary, common-sense enforcement coupled with an open system by which to lodge grievances is the most responsive and flexible administrative approach.
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Re: Conduct Guidelines

Postby Firepower » 2018/01/18 12:06

One thing that isn't covered in the broad guidelines are the rules regarding PKs. So for our purposes, PKs will be handled in the following manner:

Player #1 kills player #2's character during roleplay. Player #1 decides that player #2's character should be PK'd as a result of this. Player #1 will communicate to Player #2 that their character is now PK'd.

Should player #2 believe that their character's action didn't warrant a PK they can come to the forums and post an appeal. Should the admin team agree that the PK indeed wasn't deserved, the PK will be retconned and an NLR will be instated for that situation instead. Now this doesn't mean that every character that dies during roleplay is going to be PK'd. You can still be NLR'd if that is more appropriate.

Our reasoning behind this system is that it removes another layer of bureaucracy. Before you would have had to ask admins for auths to PK someone, we've simply done away with that and given the players the ability to use their own discretion.
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