Suit descriptions

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Suit descriptions

Postby pirate » 2017/01/17 18:45

Transferring this from the old forum for convenience's sake. Some modernizations have been made.

'Sunrise suit' is the general term for a wide variety of home-brewed, usually two-piece, protective suits. The typical kit consists of a rubberized canvas body suit and a civilian-grade kevlar vest capable of resisting penetration by most pistol rounds, but which does little to mitigate the bone-breaking force of each impact. This kit includes a gas mask, providing protection against airborne particulates.

'Radsuit' is a colloquial term for what is functionally an ultra-heavy Sunrise suit. The archetypal features of this kit are its namesake radiation suit, which blocks most forms of ionizing radiation, a bulky plate carrier which can stop most rifle rounds dead in their tracks while mitigating impact force, and a ballistic helmet & gas mask combination to protect the wearer from shrapnel and toxic particulates. Many of these setups in circulation today began their lives as exoskeletons, but have since been stripped and lightened for mobility, or for the high prices the exoskeletal frames fetch.

The SEVA suit is unusual among stalker suits for being a factory-produced anomalous protection system rather than the improvised work of a Zone craftsman. Based on the earlier PS suits, the SEVA mates a PS-series anomalous protection suit with an upgraded Screen helmet, incorporating a closed-cycle rebreather to seal the user completely from the outside for upwards of an hour at a time. Produced between 2010 and 2012 in Kiev specifically for use in the Exclusion Zone with a total production run of fewer than two thousand units, a complete SEVA system is not only rare, but highly valuable for its unmatched anomalous protection. Later model SEVA systems incorporate updates based on feedback from field testing, such as temperature regulation and the PS-9's dual-layered bodysuit.

Berill-5 describes any member of a family of equipment sets developed for use in the Zone by the Ukrainian military. It is a fairly primitive system closely resembling general issue uniforms outside of the Zone in makeup; a plate carrier protects the wearer's torso from the front and back, a ballistic helmet protects the head, and a gas mask filters toxic particulates out of the air. The uniform provides no protection against any anomalous threats, but has been treated with an experimental chemical intended to shield the wearer from background radiation levels within the Exclusion Zone.

The Skat-9 (Stingray) series of military uniforms was developed from the ground up for Exclusion Zone operations. It incorporates a relatively modern hazardous environment body suit with a low-profile plate carrier and is issued with lightweight but effective polyethylene plates, a rarity within the Exclusion Zone. Visibility was deemed critical for special forces operators using the suit. As a result, most Skat systems are issued with an advanced respirator and a ballistic shield fixed to the helmet, rather than a full-face gas mask. The less-common Bulat variant of this system includes a full-face gas mask.

The PS5 anomalous protection suit is the first ever purpose-engineered stalker suit, most of which belong to the Zone's larger warring factions. They are, essentially, a factory built Sunrise suit, produced in Kiev from 2008 to 2011. These suits offer the same ballistic protection and only slightly improved anomalous protection when compared to the common Sunrise.

The PS9 anomalous protection suit is the bigger brother of the PS5. Developed in 2010 in response to the Zone's changing nature, the PS9 uses the same dual-layered bodysuit found in late-model SEVA suits, offering very good anomalous protection with no complex moving parts - ideal for stalkers on a budget or, more commonly, stalker clans seeking a cheaper alternative to the venerable SEVA.

PS5-M is the Duty faction's designation for their primary issued uniform. Additional soft kevlar pads have been added by Duty armorers to enhance its protection against small arms fire. This suit provides adequate environmental protection to the average Duty grunt on patrol.

This heavy leather trenchcoat isn't a bad choice for any stalker. While such coats are frequently associated with ill repute, it is a warm and practical answer to many of the concerns a new stalker faces.

The origin of the now-classic IO7-a suit is unknown. It was first seen in service with illegal private military operators within the Exclusion Zone, but has been readily available to stalkers from many dealers for years. This basic set up is typically valued below the Sunrise suit, as its overall protective abilities leave much to be desired. The body suit is typically a 1980s Soviet surplus hazmat suit, bought cheaply outside of the Zone, mated with a police issue kevlar vest. The vests were frequently heavily worn before ever entering the Zone, and the overall quality of the suit is dubious at best. The pattern remains popular with mercenaries and stalkers on a budget all the same.

A bulky hydraulic-powered exoskeleton reverse-engineered from prototypes discovered within the sealed lab X-4. A complex network of electrodes placed on nerve bundles across the body detects and interprets electrical signals sent to muscles by the operator's brain to control the motion of linear hydraulic motors, providing a significant backing force to any motion made by the operator. The downsides of this system are the rather slow movement of the hydraulic actuators, compacted by a several millisecond delay from input to output, as well as the size, weight, and noise of the system. Rumours within the Stalker community make mention of Monolith exo-skeleton operators carrying dismounted DShK machine guns into combat. Considering the system has a lifting potential of roughly three hundred kilograms (and can push more horizontally), these tales are alarmingly believable.
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Re: Suit descriptions

Postby SteveB » 2017/01/17 22:17

Looking good.
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