HL1925: Royals & the Resistance

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HL1925: Royals & the Resistance

Postby pirate » 2016/09/19 17:37

So of course we'd mostly be looking at partisan resistance forces made out of jumbled nationalities like we see normally in HL2. However, in 1925, world war sentiments will still be strong, and each nationality has many more subtle differences than today.

I was thinking we could amplify this by having our resistance forces built around surviving sovereigns (and heirs who have assumed the throne) in hiding to give our resistance an internal political scheme that can't afford to lose focus on the Good Fight even though they have good reasons to hate each others' guts. It would let us explore the idea of having multiple factions within the resistance who have to cooperate but will be vying to make their unique ideals #1, from absolute liberty to communism to proto-fascism.

Could be fun. Thoughts?

I should clarify we're not strictly dealing with royalty here; non-monarch leaders (or equivalents/successors) should feature, too.
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Re: HL1925: Royals & the Resistance

Postby Spam » 2016/09/23 13:54

the idea's great, i just feel we'd need a reason why all these old-world political factions are inhabiting/influencing this single city. we should also work out where this city would be, maybe in central europe or something.
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