Party while the admins are asleep!

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Party while the admins are asleep!

Postby CptMarkka » 2018/05/13 20:09

Hi, I'm Cpt.Moottorimarkka, currently the newest addition to the admin team. I've been umming and erring about it for several days now while getting acquainted to the people on the server. Some of you might have already bumped into Bubble.

So, I'm a Finn, so I may or may not actually exist. I've been involved with the roleplay scene for a stupidly long time, likely over nine years. By chance, the first community I ever joined was a serious Fallout RP community by the name of IRiS Fallout Roleplay, and since then I've never touched lite-RPs. *Adjusts monocle.*

Anyway, the easiest way to poke me is through Steam. I'm always on Steam whenever I'm on my computer. On Discord, a bit less frequently. The spam annoys me. See you around!
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